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Monday, 02/27/17
  • Water Birds at Lake MerrittMigrating birds are here! See which winter visitors are currently at Lake Merritt, the nation's oldest wildlife refuge.  Join us for a short walk along the lake. Learn about the Pacific Flyway and how to identify some winter migrants as well as year-round residents. We'll begin the walk in front of the ...
    Where:  Oakland Cost:  Free! $20 suggested donation
  • How Grush Won $1 million Intel Prize - the Inside Story
    Ethan Schur is an inventor and futurologist, with a passion for advancing human progress through novel usages of IoT, Wearable, and AR/VR technologies.Ethan, along with team Grush, the Gaming Toothbrush, holds the title of “America’s Greatest Maker” and is the winner of the Million Dollar Prize on the viral reality ...
    Where:  Santa Clara Cost:  Free
  • Stochastic Hybrid Approximation Algorithms and Applications to Power Generation DispatchIn many important applications, including power system operations planning, optimization problems arise where decisions need to be made in the presence of uncertainty. Solving these problems is in general a challenging task due to the computational complexity of evaluating the functions that account for the uncertainty. Typical approaches for solving ...
    Where:  Stanford Cost:  Free
  • The Bugs that went to Mars and Terrorized EarthSince its dramatic landing in Gale crater in August 2012, the Curiosity Rover has been busy exploring the surface of Mars, looking for evidence of past habitable environments. Having completed over 4 years on Mars, and with nearly 17 kms on its odometer, Curiosity has already made historic discoveries, finding ...
    Where:  Berkeley Cost:  Free
  • THE UNIVERSE OF GALAXES AND STEM RESEARCH OPPORTUNITIES FOR YOUNG PEOPLEDr. Raja GuhaThakurta of UC Santa Cruz will cover recent results from his group's research on galaxy structure and evolution including topics like the assembly of dark matter, galaxy cannibalism, and chemical evolution. He will also talk about the Science Internship Program at UC Santa Cruz and the global SPHERE ...
    Where:  Rohnert Park Cost:  Free
  • Now or Never - How Energy CEOs are Adapting in the Downturn
    KPMG surveyed a number of energy senior executives on their views of the industry, the current commodity price cycles, and how they plan to adapt and transform during this period of great change.  In addition to discussing this survey, we will also review KPMG’s own views on trends in the ...
    Where:  Stanford Cost:  Free
  • Stanford University Sustainability Vision: Now and for the FutureStanford is actively pursuing a wide range of sustainability goals. The university's efforts range from a unique new campus energy system to rethinking dining services. Stanford has an inclusive participatory approach that makes faculty, students and employees all partners in its efforts to create a living laboratory for sustainable solutions.Panel: ...
    Where:  San Francisco Cost:  $20 General, Free for Members & Students
  • Nerd Night East Bay #50: Dongs, Derby, and RocksJoin Nerd Nite East Bay‘s 50th (!) show on Monday Feb 27th forThe Personality of the Pet Rock!Roller Derby!The Evolution of the Penis!
    Where:  Oakland Cost:  $8 Advance, $10 at door
Tuesday, 02/28/17
  • Challenges and New Approaches for Understanding Coastal Marine Species Under Ocean AcidificationSpeaker: Dr. Anneliese Hettinger, Oregon State University
    Where:  Rohnert Park Cost:  Free
  • Oaks in OaklandLearn all about the trees that Oakland is named after! We'll look at the different oaks around Lakeside Park. We will discuss the natural history of oaks and how to identify different both native and exotic species.
    Where:  Oakland Cost:  Free! $20 suggested donation
  • The Real ‘Skin in the Game’: The History of Naked, Sweaty, and Colorful Skin in the Human LineageSkin is the primary interface between ourselves and our environment, and changes in the structure and function of human skin have tracked major events in our evolution. These lectures will explore the nature and sequence of changes in human skin through prehistory, and the consequences of these changes for the ...
    Where:  Berkeley Cost:  Free
  • Probing the Electron to Test the Most Precise Prediction of the Standard Model and BeyondSpeaker: Gerald Gabrielse, Harvard Univ.Applied Physics/Physics Colloquium
    Where:  Stanford Cost:  Free
  • Set-Top Box: Architectural Trend Towards Smaller, Faster, Cheaper
    A conversation about the market dynamics and system architectural trends towards a smaller, faster, and cheaper STB solution.  A comparison of different STB types and key features that drives STB design trends.Speaker: Hoan Tran, Connected Home
    Where:  Santa Clara Cost:  $10 General $5 IEEE, Free IEEE CES & Students
  • Transforming Nanodevices into Nanosystems: The N3XT 1,000X
    The computing demands of future abundant-data applications far exceed the capabilities of today’s electronics, and cannot be met by isolated improvements in transistor technologies, memories, or integrated circuit (IC) architectures alone. Transformative nanosystems, which leverage the unique properties of emerging nanotechnologies to create new IC architectures, are required to deliver ...
    Where:  San Jose Cost:  Free
  • SupernovaeSpeaker: Dr. Ken Shen, UC Berkeley
    Where:  Walnut Creek Cost:  Free
Wednesday, 03/01/17
  • First Free Wednesday at Bay Area Discovery MuseumFirst Wednesdays are free for all at the Bay Area Discovery Museum
    Where:  Sausalito Cost:  Free
  • First Free Wednesday at UC Botanical GardenEvery first Wednesday at the Garden is free admission day.
    Where:  Berkeley Cost:  Free
  • Acoustic observations of the ocean interior: Stories of gas bubblesGas bubbles are ubiquitous in the ocean and play an important role in several ocean processes. Gas bubbles formed by breaking wind waves play a role in the transfer of gas and momentum across the air-sea boundary. Methane gas formed by both biogenic and thermogenic processes is transported via bubbles into ...
    Where:  Moss Landing Cost:  Free
  • Mobile Technologies for HealthMobile and wireless health (mHealth) technologies promise to transform health and health care. Coupled with electronic health record (EHR), genomic, social, environmental, and other data, mHealth data has the potential to advance our understanding of disease, improve diagnosis and treatment, and lower healthcare costs in ways previously unimaginable. But mHealth ...
    Where:  Berkeley Cost:  Free
  • Open mHealth and Data Integration
    Dr. Ida Sim is a primary care physician, informatics researcher, and entrepreneur. She is a Professor of Medicine at the University of California, San Francisco, where she co-directs Biomedical Informatics at UCSF's Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute. Her current research focuses on the use of mobile apps and sensors to ...
    Where:  Berkeley Cost:  Free
  • Prices versus Quantities with Policy Updating
    We explore how policy updates and intertemporal trading of regulated quantities change the traditional comparative advantage of prices versus quantities. Intertemporally tradable quantity regulation leads fi rms to set current prices equal to expected future prices. We show that policy updates can take advantage of this behavior to achieve the fi rst ...
    Where:  Berkeley Cost:  Free
  • Artificial Intelligence: Think AgainThe common wisdom about Artificial Intelligence is that we are building increasingly intelligent machines that will ultimately surpass human capabilities and possibly even threaten mankind. This narrative is both misguided and counterproductive. Framing AI as a natural expansion of longstanding efforts to automate tasks makes it easier to predict the ...
    Where:  Stanford Cost:  Free
  • Restoration of native species in highly modified estuariesSpeaker: Chela Zabin, Smithsonian Environmetal Research Center
    Where:  Tiburon Cost:  Free
  • Zero Net Energy Buildings and the Art of Energy PolicyIn the mid-2000s California began to establish policy goals for Zero Net Energy (ZNE) buildings. Commissioner McAllister will discuss progress toward these goals in terms of energy-related building codes, trends in buildings-related technologies and markets, local government authority and overall energy systems planning. ZNE buildings serve as a jumping-off point ...
    Where:  Berkeley Cost:  Free
  • The Cost of Color: The Health and Social Consequences of Skin Color for People Today
    Skin is the primary interface between ourselves and our environment, and changes in the structure and function of human skin have tracked major events in our evolution. These lectures will explore the nature and sequence of changes in human skin through prehistory, and the consequences of these changes for the ...
    Where:  Berkeley Cost:  Free
  • East Bay Science Cafe: Searching for Dark Matter with Matt Pyle What is dark matter? For decades, firm astronomical evidence from observations of stars and galaxies has indicated that most of the matter in the universe cannot be seen directly in telescopes. Instead, this matter must be observed indirectly through its gravitational pull on the objects that we can see. This ...
    Where:  Albany Cost:  Free
  • Healing a Fractured Nation: The Future of Poverty and Energy in Rural America
    The talk will explore the political and economic fault lines surrounding shale gas drilling, whether or not innovation in fossil fuel development is a viable answer to global warming, and how rural america has long paid for urban america's energy appetites. Speaker: Eliza Griswold, author and educator
    Where:  Stanford Cost:  Free
Thursday, 03/02/17
  • The Eelgrass MicrobiomeMelissa Kardish will discuss the diversity of the bacterial communities on eelgrass. She is incorporating data on the diversity of these communities from around the world"including from samples in Tomales Bay"to look at patterns in these communities and how they vary with invertebrates, host plants, and environmental conditions. She is ...
    Where:  Point Reyes Station Cost:  Free
  • Communication and Signal ProcessingSpeaker: Dr. Birsen Sirkeci-Mergen, EE Dept, San Jose State University
    Where:  Rohnert Park Cost:  Free
  • Cafe InquiryMeet up with rationalists, skeptics, and freethinkers south of San Francisco
    Where:  Menlo Park Cost:  Free
  • How-To: Foodie NightLife
    How-To NightLife gets tasty with a night of cooking and cocktail demos from some of SF’s top culinary minds.Impress the foodies in your life by picking up a few new kitchen skills at a NightLife featuring palate-pleasing workshops and demos. Discover what it means to make a truly crafted and ...
    Where:  San Francisco Cost:  $15 General, $12 Members
  • SF Bay ACS Chapter Naturalist Program 2017Love whales? Want an interesting and fun volunteer opportunity?Become a SF Bay ACS Chapter Naturalist!Our Naturalist class is now taking signups. Our classes fill very quickly so be sure to sign up right away!To sign up please email Lynette R. Koftinow: Once trained, our naturalists will help other community members ...
    Where:  San Francisco Cost:  
  • Dying to Know: What Patients and Families Want to Know about End of Life Care and Issues Questions about the end of life and its care issues are difficult to ask and yet they are cause for great worry by many patients and their families. In this talk, Dr. Ramchandran will address this subject from the perspective of her role as a medical oncologist, and Medical Director ...
    Where:  Palo Alto Cost:  Free
  • Protecting California's Water: The Bay Delta Water Quality Control PlanDid you know that many of us get our water from the Tuolumne River? As the Tuolumne River Trust's Policy Director, Peter Drekmeier will share with us how this river fits into the Bay Delta, and how we can have a healthy Bay-Delta ecosystem and a thriving economy. Peter Drekmeier ...
    Where:  Mountain View Cost:  $10 General, Free for members
Friday, 03/03/17
  • Birds & BotanyHike the forests, meadows and hills around Pine Flat and up Redhill with ACR Volunteer Patrick Woodworth & ACR Resource Ecologist Dave Self. We’ll be watching (and listening) for birds on the hike out. After lunch, we'll botanize as we consider the seasonal interplay between bird foods, habitat history and current activity ...
    Where:  Geyserville Cost:  Free
  • NatureBridge's Preschool Playdates SeriesJoin us for a 2-hour hands-on program featuring techniques to help engage your children's sense of wonder and guide their natural curiosity during outdoor adventures. Gain a deeper understanding of inquiry based experiential learning while participating in field activities designed to develop your preschooler's observation skills. New themes each week.*Ages ...
    Where:  Sausalito Cost:  $75 per child (one adult admission included)
  • Winter Bird WalkJoin us as we search for flocks of winter sparrows, bright yellow warblers, and perhaps and elusive red sapsucker. We also hope to welcome some of our earliest migrating hummingbirds back to the garden this month! Led by Garden docent and Ornithologist Sarah MacLean.
    Where:  Berkeley Cost:  $20 General, $18 Members
  • 3+1 - An HMI Design Framework for Autonomous VehiclesWhile mode confusion and the ensuing human error that goes with it will likely have a significant impact on the safety of future AVs, the transitioning between modes and how those transitions are orchestrated via the vehicle’s HMI will be equally important. This is particularly relevant when the modes to ...
    Where:  Berkeley Cost:  Free
  • Multi-Camera Localization and Mapping for Autonomous VehiclesSpeaker: Steve Waslander, Univ. of Waterloo
    Where:  Berkeley Cost:  Free
  • How galaxies are influenced by the largest structures in the UniverseWhen viewed at the largest scales, the distribution of galaxies in the Universe resembles a complex, tangled web: an interconnected network of filaments of galaxies that surround vast, empty voids. Simulations and theory have established that filaments - the largest, most densely populated structures in the Universe - have formed ...
    Where:  San Mateo Cost:  Free
  • The Winter CirclePublic Astronomy Viewing Nights at Sonoma State University
    Where:  Rohnert Park Cost:  Free
  • What Do We Know About The Big Bang?
    Our understanding of the origin, evolution and make-up of the Universe has undergone dramatic and surprising advances over the last decades.  Much of the progress has been driven by measurements of the fossil light from the big bang, called the cosmic microwave background radiation, which provides us with a glimpse ...
    Where:  Stanford Cost:  Free
Saturday, 03/04/17
  • Nature Walk by the BayTake a gentle walk around the Marina’s flat dirt trails and enjoy the local weather and bayside wildlife. We’ll keep the pace slow for all ages and abilities. Meet in the parking lot near the restroom. Questions? (408) 355-2240
    Where:  Alviso Cost:  Free
  • Guided Nature WalkExperience the beauty and rich natural history of this 535-acre preserve.�Our half-day guided nature walks are on Saturdays throughout fall and spring. Participants are divided into small groups and paired with a trained Bouverie volunteer to explore the mixed evergreen forest, flower-carpeted oak woodland and rugged chaparral. Guided Nature Walks ...
    Where:  Geyserville Cost:  $15 Donation suggested
  • Moonwatch: Family Night Hike and CampfireAmazing moongazing! Using binoculars, a spotting scope, and telescopes, we’ll study the face of the moon and learn more about constellations and the night sky. Binoculars will be provided, or bring your favorite pair! Weather may prevent us from actually seeing the moon and stars, but we will still have ...
    Where:  Sausalito Cost:  $15 per person
  • The Moon, Earth’s Lost RockExplore the moon, and the rest of the universe with telescopesExcitement for the whole family! Participate in hands-on astronomy activities followed by supervised observing through the many different telescopes of MDAS members. See stars, nebulae, galaxies, clusters, the moon and planets through member telescopes. Bring kids, binoculars, warm clothes (temperature ...
    Where:  Clayton Cost:  Free ($10 park fee)
Sunday, 03/05/17
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