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Wednesday, 04/01/15
  • Free First WednesdayFree museum admission all day, to anyone from anywhere, at Bay Area Discovery Museum
    Where:  Sausalito Cost:  Free
  • Free Wednesday at UC Botanical GardensEnjoy free admission to the UC Botanical Garden on the first Wednesday of the month. Parking is limited. Docent-led tours for groups are not available on Free Wednesdays. No admission after 4:30 pm. In order to minimize the impact on the plant collection, ensure the safety of visitors, and to ...
    Where:  Berkeley Cost:  Free
  • Dissecting the complex interactions of marine bacteria and phytoplankton: A microbiota approach
    Bacteria forming close associations with eukaryotic hosts, called microbiota, exert great influences on the biology and physiology of their hosts and could dictate host ecological success. My lab investigates the binary and synergistic interactions of members of these microbiota on the physiology and ecology of the marine diatom Pseudo-nitzschia, with ...
    Where:  Moss Landing Cost:  Free
  • Sunrise from the West: The Growth of Renewable Energy in California
    Speaker: David Hochschild, Commissioner, California Energy Commission
    Where:  Berkeley Cost:  Free
  • Minimally Invasive, Wireless Neural Interfaces and Future Directions in Implantable Electronics
    Clinically viable and minimally invasive neural interfaces stand to revolutionize disease care for patients of neurological conditions. For example, recent research in Brain Machine Interfaces (BMIs) has shown success in using electronic signals from the motor cortex of the brain to control artificial limbs, providing hope for patients with spinal ...
    Where:  Berkeley Cost:  Free
  • Patterns and variability in zooplankton communities off northern California: a tale of climate, currents, and copepodsSpeaker: Eric Bjorkstedt, Humboldt State University
    Where:  Bodega Bay Cost:  Free
  • Reinventing Nuclear Energy: the Role of Molten Salt Technology
    Molten fluoride salts have greatly different chemical and thermophysical properties than other reactor coolants. They are chemically stable, have very high boiling temperatures (and thus are intrinsically low-pressure), have high volumetric heat capacity, and are optically transparent. This talk will provide an overview of the current status of molten salt ...
    Where:  Berkeley Cost:  Free
  • Deep Learning for Dummies
    While once considered a research dead-end, artificial neural networks are making a huge resurgence. Over the past decade, neural network researchers have leveraged a combination of novel research and hardware advances to drastically advance the state of the art in neural networking. This new area, called Deep Learning, has shown ...
    Where:  Stanford Cost:  Free
  • Three Presentations at Romberg Tiburon CenterLaura Duffy (Hines Lab) Patterns in Habitat Use by Harbor Porpoises (Phocoena phocoena) in Central San Francisco Bay Athena Maguire (Nielsen Lab) A cryptic infestation of concern: A blood-sucking ectoparasitic snail, Evalea tenuisculpta, infests California's wild and aquacultured abalone Katharyn Barretto (Carpenter Lab) Understanding microalgal species ...
    Where:  Tiburon Cost:  Free
  • From Monkey Flowers to Wild Mice: A Tale of Genes, Adaptation and Extreme EnvironmentsSpeaker: Katie Ferris, UC Berkeley
    Where:  San Rafael Cost:  Free
Thursday, 04/02/15
  • Free admission to UC Botanical GardensEnjoy free admission to the UC Botanical Garden on the first Thursday of the month. Parking is limited. Docent-led tours for groups are not available on Free Thursdays. In order to minimize the impact on the plant collection, ensure the safety of visitors, and to provide your group with the ...
    Where:  Berkeley Cost:  Free
  • Silicon Valley Leaders Symposium: Sara Kenkare-Mitra
    Speaker: Sara Kenkare-Mitra, Genentech
    Where:  San Jose Cost:  
  • The Electrical Grid of the Future Featuring Smart Grid, Distributed Resources and Energy StorageSpeaker: Jim Eyer, E&I Consulting
    Where:  Rohnert Park Cost:  Free
  • DO WIMPS RULE? THE LUX AND LZ EXPERIMENTS AND THE SEARCH FOR COSMIC DARK MATTERThe nature of dark matter is a profound mystery at the intersection of particle physics, astrophysics and cosmology. A leading possibility is that it is composed of weakly interacting massive particles, or WIMPs, which may be detectable using terrestrial particle detectors. Recent technological advances are enabling very rapid increases in ...
    Where:  Palo Alto Cost:  Free
  • Big Data, Genomics and Precision MedicineThe Life Sciences Foundation invites you to join Dr. Eric Green - Director of the National Human Genome Research Institute for conversations with Bay Area genomic research leaders at the Tech Museum of Innovation.Guests include Anne Wojcicki (23 and Me), Neil Risch (UCSF), David Haussler (UCSC), Mike Hunkapiller (Applied Biosystems), ...
    Where:  San Jose Cost:  Free - Tickets required
  • Captivology:The Science of Capturing People's Attention Attention is the fundamental lifeblood and currency of the modern economy. Entrepreneurs need the attention of users. Teachers need to keep the focus of their students. Artists and performers need to captivate their audiences. Yet most people have a very limited understanding of attention -- how it works, why we ...
    Where:  Palo Alto Cost:  Free
  • The First Five Kilobytes are the HardestAlan Turing's one-dimensional model of universal computation of 1936 led directly to John von Neumann's two-dimensional implementation of 1946. The Electronic Computer Project at the Institute for Advanced Study jump-started the digital revolution by bringing engineers into the den of the mathematicians, rather than by bringing mathematicians into a den ...
    Where:  Palo Alto Cost:  Free
  • After Dark: Sideshow Science
    Step right up! For one night and one night only, the Exploratorium transforms into a Carnival featuring Amazing Animal Acts, Astounding Forces of Nature, Mysterious Mental Manipulations, and Thrilling Games of Skill and Chance. Within these walls lurk some of the Most Astonishing Phenomena Found in Nature-the biggest "freakshow" of ...
    Where:  San Francisco Cost:  $15 General, $10 Members
  • Cafe InquiryMeet up with rationalists, skeptics, and freethinkers south of San FranciscoCafe Inquiry is a social event hosted by the Center for Inquiry|San Francisco. We'll meet at Caf Borrone next to Kepler's Books. Look for CFI t-shirts.For more information or if you have questions please email ...
    Where:  Menlo Park Cost:  Free
  • Reel to Real NightLife
    Get ready for your close-up this week with film screenings, filmmaker talks, and other cinematic surprises in honor of the SF International Film Festival.In African Hall, settle in to watch a trio of short films against a backdrop of adorable African penguins.First up, animated short The Damkeeper, which snagged a ...
    Where:  San Francisco Cost:  $12 General, $10 Members
  • Premier of 'Butterfly Town, USA'Butterfly Town, USAfollows a community of activists living in Pacific Grove, who are working togetherto restore the Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary. The heart of this film is the story of one activist, Bob Pacelli, who is leading an effort to plant more trees in the Sanctuary to protect the butterflies from ...
    Where:  Palo Alto Cost:  Free
Friday, 04/03/15
  • Replication, Communication, and the Population Dynamics of Scientific DiscoveryMany published research results are false, and controversy continues over the roles of replication and publication policy in improving the reliability of research. I will present a mathematical model of scientific discovery in the context of replication, publication bias, and variation in research quality. This model provides a formal framework ...
    Where:  Berkeley Cost:  Free
  • Optofluidic Devices for Droplet and Cell ManipulationThe area of lab-on-a-chip offers exciting new capabilities for chemical/biological assays - with increased automatic, throughput and sensitivity of detection, and reduced sample and reagent usage. The field has seen remarkable progress in the last decade with applications ranging from drug development to point-of-care diagnostics. Our group has focused on ...
    Where:  Berkeley Cost:  Free
  • David Brower Center - Green Building Tour
    The David Brower Center is one of the Bay Area's most advanced green buildings and an inspiring home for environmental and social action, housing like-minded organizations. The building combines offices, the Richard and Rhoda Goldman Theater, the Hazel Wolf Gallery, meeting space, and a restaurant under one roof. It is ...
    Where:  Berkeley Cost:  Free
  • Art and Science: Texture and the Emotional Impact of Symvisio
    Fifteen years ago I created a multi-panel format of 2-dimensional art, which I have called "symvisio", a word that I made up from the Latin roots, "sym" and "visio" to mean "viewing together". In this format, the synergistic relationships between the panels strongly affect the dynamics of the presentation of ...
    Where:  San Mateo Cost:  Free
Saturday, 04/04/15
  • Total Lunar EclipseThe observatory deck opens at 2am for the late night viewing festivities. A Lunar Eclipse occurs when the Moon passes through the shadow of the Earth. Witness the stellar occurrence from our observation deck and come ready with your questions for our experts. Bring binoculars, blankets and warm clothes.
    Where:  Oakland Cost:  $15
  • NanoDays 2015NanoDaysis a nationwide festival of educational programs about nanoscale science, engineering, and Technology and its potential impact on the future. NanoDays events are organized by partners in the Nanoscale Informal Science Education Network (NISE Net), and take place at over 250 science museums, Research centers, and universities across the country.
    Where:  Oakland Cost:  Free with admission
  • Trekking the ModelJoin a Ranger guided tour of the Bay Model, a 1.5-acre hydraulic model of San Francisco Bay and Delta. Discover the stories of the two major operations that took place at this location between 19422000.
    Where:  Sausalito Cost:  Free
  • Science in the classroom through Project AstroSpeaker: Brian Kruse, Astronomical Society of the Pacific
    Where:  San Jose Cost:  Free
Sunday, 04/05/15
  • Beginning Birding
    Spring is a wonderful time to enjoy the influx of birds to the Marin Headlands. Join volunteer Jane Haley for an easy walk to discover our spring visitors. Meet at the Marin Headlands Visitor Center. Bring field guides and binoculars; dress in layers. For ages 8 and up; no pets ...
    Where:  Sausalito Cost:  Free
Monday, 04/06/15
  • ADVANCED LIGO AND THE SEARCH FOR GRAVITATIONAL WAVES Dr. Norna Robertson (Caltech and the University of Glasgow) will review the search for gravitational waves, and in particular discuss the Advanced LIGO detectors which are expected to carry out their first observational run during 2015.
    Where:  Rohnert Park Cost:  Free
  • Interactive Information: Applications and New DirectionsIn 1948, Shannon laid the foundations for information theory - the study of one-way data transmission over a channel. Communication complexity, developed in the last thirty years, studies the communication cost of functions, and has a vast number of applications in computer science. In the standard communication setting, two players ...
    Where:  Berkeley Cost:  Free
  • Our Future with Bees
    The world's bees can improve economic and ecological sustainability, if only we let them. We know the vital importance of bees, yet we also know that they are dying off. What does the future human condition look like in a world that incorporates bees into our architecture, healthcare, and everyday ...
    Where:  San Francisco Cost:  Free
  • Celebrating 25 Years of the Hubble Space Telescope
    In this presentation, Scowen will discuss the legacy of the Hubble Space Telescope with respect to what it has taught us about the formation of stars and planets in our Galactic neighborhood. The resolution of Hubble has allowed us to see things moving over the 20-25 years of its mission ...
    Where:  San Francisco Cost:  $12 General, $8 Members
Tuesday, 04/07/15
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