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Sunday, 06/26/16
  • Community Day @ The TechFor one day only, The Tech is swinging open its doors and offering free admission to all! Come get a taste of our hands-on exhibits and experiences, and enjoy a film at the  Hackworth IMAX Dome Theater for just $5. We'll also have special activities and goodies.
    Where:  San Jose Cost:  Free
  • Marine Mammal Superheroes
    Our oceans contain some of the World's greatest superheroes.  The World's largest animal, marine mammals that have learned to use tools, and dolphins that have learned how to hunt on land are just a few of the amazing creatures we have living off our very own California Coast.  Come learn ...
    Where:  Sausalito Cost:  Free
  • Full-Spectrum Science with Ron Hipschman: FireworksCome ooooo and ahhhh at the science behind these big booms! Where do fireworks come from? Who invented them? What causes their beautiful colors, and how do the bursting shells create such different patterns? Join us for some real illumination, and learn the difference between a jerb and a lance.Programs ...
    Where:  San Francisco Cost:  Free with admission
  • Taste of the Refuge
    Take a guided walk on Tidelands Trail and discover which plants are edible or have medicinal uses. We'll taste some of these plants on the refuge, or in commercially made products. Led by Carmen Minch.
    Where:  Freemont Cost:  Free
Monday, 06/27/16
  • Nerd Night East Bay #43 - SOLD OUT
    Your East Bay lecture-in-a-bar series powers into the summer! Mary Roach will discuss her new book, Grunt: The Curious Science of Humans at War. Then, J. Kenji López-Alt will share some myths about cooking steak and his James Beard-winning book The Food Lab. Finally, Simone Giertz will share the why ...
    Where:  Oakland Cost:  $8 Advance, $10 at door
Tuesday, 06/28/16
  • The Evolution and Explosion of Massive StarsMassive stars (at least ~8 solar masses) play an essential role to the evolution of the universe. They lose energy in radiation and neutrinos as they evolve, to create elements necessary to life and to stir the interstellar medium. Upon their death, they experience a dynamical instability that often creates spectacular explosions, which are ...
    Where:  Mountain View Cost:  Free
  • Does Strategic Ability Affect Productive Efficiency? Evidence from Electricity MarketsStandard oligopoly models of short-run price competition in oligopoly settings predict that large firms can exercise market power and generate inefficiencies. However, productive inefficiency can also arise from other sources as well, such as in the presence of heterogeneity is strategic sophistication. This paper studies such a setting in the ...
    Where:  Berkeley Cost:  Free
  • Do Energy Efficiency Investments Deliver at the Right Time?Electricity cannot be cost-effectively stored even for short periods of time. Consequently, wholesale electricity prices vary widely across hours of the day with peak prices frequently exceeding off-peak prices by a factor of ten or more. Most analyses of energy-efficiency policies ignore this variation, focusing on total energy savings without ...
    Where:  Berkeley Cost:  Free
  • Binocular Workshop: Learn about your optics and how to maintain them!Learn about your binoculars, and how to maintain them! This 2.5 hour workshop will guide you through the basics of optics as well as the repair and maintenance of binoculars. Bring your own binoculars to tinker with, or if you don't have any binoculars (or any that you want to ...
    Where:  San Francisco Cost:  $30 (ticketed in advance)
  • Latest LIGO Gravitational Wave ResultsSpeaker: Peter Beyersdorf, San Jose State University
    Where:  Walnut Creek Cost:  Free
Wednesday, 06/29/16
  • The Bay Model Wants You!!! Become part of Sausalito's very own attraction known around the world! We have a variety of volunteer positions that are suited for people just like you! Greet visitors, lead tours, work with school groups, and more! Come and be a part of one of the largest working hydraulic models in ...
    Where:  Sausalito Cost:  Volunteering
  • Edward F. Ricketts and Jack Calvin: The publishing of Between Pacific Tides, First Edition (1939)There is a story behind Edward F. Ricketts and Jack Calvin's effort to have their seminal work, Between Pacific Tides, published. Upon being presented an outline of the manuscript, it took 10 years for Stanford University Press to publish the book. Was the publication slowed by then Director of Hopkins ...
    Where:  Moss Landing Cost:  Free
  • Making Sense of Complex Real-World Memory Consistency ModelsIn the shared memory parallel programming model, data values in memory are made visible to the threads of a program following the rules of a memory consistency model. In the past, memory model definitions have relied on natural language descriptions, programmer intuition, and/or sets of examples to specify how memory ...
    Where:  Berkeley Cost:  Free
  • The effects of upwelling and river inflow on carbonate chemistry and the growth and survival of Olympia and Pacific oysters in Tomales BaySpeaker: Manon Picard, Bodega Marine Lab
    Where:  Bodega Bay Cost:  Free
  • Mysteries of the Farallon Islands Revealed
    Murder. Ship wrecks. A plane crash. A war over eggs. Great White Sharks and hundreds of species on land, sea and air. Join ACS for presentation by Peter White, author of The Farallon Islands: Sentinels of the Golden Gate, long considered the seminal book on the islands' history. America's love ...
    Where:  Pacifica Cost:  $5 donation
  • The future of agriculture - precise, or ecological?The setup is prime for a well-worn cliche: big data, machine learning, venture capital, accelerators. Silicon Valley is moving in to the Central Valley. As a "second wave" in agricultural development, "AgTech" and "precision agriculture" seek to transform how modern agricultural systems operate.  This growing, tech-savvy field claims to offer ...
    Where:  Santa Cruz Cost:  Free
Thursday, 06/30/16
  • Repair Cafe and the Fixer Movement
    Do you have something that you love but it no longer works or is damaged and wish you could repair it?How do we fix broken things we use and love in our "disposable" world?Where can go to figure out if something is worth repairing?Our dumps are filling up with stuff ...
    Where:  Saratoga Cost:  Free
  • Designing for Longevity: The 10,000 Year Clock ProjectHuman civilization is about 10,000 years old. If you wanted to build something that would last the next 10,000 years, as an icon of long-term thinking, what materials would you use? How would you prototype and test the design? Alexander Rose is part of the team that's building a mechanical, ...
    Where:  Palo Alto Cost:  Free
  • Asteroid Nightlife
    Celebrate World Asteroid Day with an evening of space talks, space rocks, and out-of-this-world science. Hear from Asteroid Day founders from the B612 Foundation about how they're working to promote asteroid awareness around the world.Then, catch the Academy's latest original planetarium show Incoming!, narrated by George Takei-an immersive, all-digital show ...
    Where:  San Francisco Cost:  $15 General, $12 Members
  • Fearless Women Founders on Succeeding in Tech World
    According to a 2015 North American study by McKinsey & Company, women are almost four times more likely than men to think they have fewer opportunities to advance because of their gender. How can we change this? During this candid discussion, you'll join three leading women in tech as they ...
    Where:  San Francisco Cost:  $20 General, $8 Members, $7 Students
  • Mercury and Rice in the California Delta
     Wetlands are hotspots for mercury methylation and export of methylmercury to aquatic foodwebs.Rice is the most abundant wetland type in California and globally in temperate and tropical latitudes.Physical, chemical and biological Hg transformations are temporally pulsed in agricultural wetlands, due largely to seasonal water management practices.Monitoring methylmercury at the right ...
    Where:  Menlo Park Cost:  Free
Friday, 07/01/16
  • Birds & Botany Hike the forests, meadows and hills around Pine Flat and up Redhill with ACR Volunteer Patrick Woodworth & ACR Resource Ecologist Dave Self. We'll be watching (and listening) for birds on the hike out. After lunch, we'll botanize as we consider the seasonal interplay between bird foods, habitat history and current activity ...
    Where:  Geyserville Cost:  Free
Saturday, 07/02/16
  • Volunteer Day at the Rotary Nature Center at Lake Merritt!Come to Lake Merritt and help out at the nature center- there's plenty to do! Help with watering all the native plants we've recently put in the ground, weeding, trash pickup, and generally making our park nicer for all the humans and non-humans around Lake Merritt. Come show some love ...
    Where:  Oakland Cost:  FREE!
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