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Sunday, 10/01/17
  • GGRO Hawk Talk & Raptor ReleaseOur Hawk Talks and Raptor Releases occur every Saturday and Sunday from noon to 2 pm (weather permitting - heavy fog or rain cancels) during September and October, except for Fleet Week weekend. The Hawk Talk begins at noon, when a GGRO volunteer speaks about hawk migration and identification, and ...
    Where:  Sausalito Cost:  Free
Monday, 10/02/17
  • Multiscale Characterization and Flow Mechanisms for Shale Oil/Gas Recovery
    A systematic investigation of multiscale pore structure in organic-rich shale by means of the combination of various imaging techniques is presented, including the state-of-the-art Helium-Ion-Microscope (HIM). The study achieves insight into the major features at each scale and suggests the affordable techniques for specific objectives from the aspects of resolution, ...
    Where:  Stanford Cost:  Free
  • People and Robots SeminarSpeaker: Julie Adams, Oregon State University
    Where:  Berkeley Cost:  Free
  • WHY I'M NOT RICHAdjunct professor Wes Farriss of SSU will describe his career and lecture style. He will outline how physics led him to teaching at a university, and provide guidance to lower division students and soon to be graduates.
    Where:  Rohnert Park Cost:  Free
  • Assessing California's progress towards its 2020 climate targetAs California prepares its strategy to reach a globally ambitious climate target for 2030, on the road to deep decarbonization by mid-century, retrospective analysis of past planning exercises can shed light on the successes and challenges encountered so far during implementation.  The state appears to be on track to reach ...
    Where:  Stanford Cost:  Free
  • From DNA to Genetic Genealogy: everything you wanted to know but were afraid to askThe San Mateo Public Library’s Biotechnology Learning Center presents a talk by genealogist and electrical engineer Steve Morse. The presentation introduces genes, chromosomes, and DNA, and explains how DNA is inherited. This knowledge can be used to find relatives you didn't know you had, and to learn about your very ...
    Where:  San Mateo Cost:  
  • Solar Spicules: Dynamic Jets that Power the Sun's AtmosphereAt any moment, the Sun's lower atmosphere is permeated by tens of millions of colossal jets known as spicules, measuring up to 8000 kilometers (5000 miles) in length and propelling plasma into the upper atmosphere at speeds on the order of 100 kilometers (60 miles) per second. Despite being observed ...
    Where:  San Francisco Cost:  $15 General, $12 Members & Seniors
Tuesday, 10/03/17
Wednesday, 10/04/17
  • First Free Wednesday at Bay Area Discovery MuseumFirst Wednesdays are free for all at the Bay Area Discovery Museum
    Where:  Sausalito Cost:  Free
  • First Free Wednesday at UC Botanical GardenEvery first Wednesday at the Garden is free admission day.
    Where:  Berkeley Cost:  Free
  • Machine learning for scientific data
    Recent years have seen ever increasing use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) methods to enhance the understanding of data coming from a variety of disciplines, including the natural sciences. Machines are now able to predict what we will buy, who we associate with, and decisively recognize our face. This power can ...
    Where:  Moss Landing Cost:  Free
    Free and open to the public, the CITRIS Research Exchange Seminar Series is a weekly dialogue highlighting leading voices on societal-scale technology challenges. Each one-hour seminar takes place on Wednesdays from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm Pacific time, and is hosted live on the UC Berkeley campus.
    Where:  Berkeley Cost:  Free
  • Climate Change or Fisheries: What is Driving Long-term Trophic Level Decline in California Current Seabirds?Speaker: Dr. Ben Becker, Point Reyes National Seashore
    Where:  Tiburon Cost:  Free
  • Unequal Places and Health: Why Does Culture Matter?
    Environmental justice advocacy and research has drawn critical attention to how unequal physical and social environments have lead to health disparities. Less attention has been brought to bear on why the symbolic, social, and cultural meanings of unequal environments make a difference for health. Drawing on concepts from medical anthropology, ...
    Where:  Berkeley Cost:  Free
  • Beyond the wilting point: Californian oak woodland responses to droughtCalifornia is likely to experience increased frequency of drought events as a consequence of global climate change. A tremendous challenge for plant ecologists is to understand how plant communities, such as the ecologically and culturally important Californian oak woodlands, are likely to respond to drought. Part of the solution to ...
    Where:  Albany Cost:  Free
  • October LASER Event - Berkeley
    7:00-7:25: Gary Boodhoo(Videogame designer) on "Human Encounters With a Gregarious Learning Machine"Using stagecraft, creative coding, and game design to make pictures of Minds...Read more7:25-7:50: Rosanna Guadagno(University of Texas at Dallas) on "Men, Women, and Technology: Insights from Social Psychology"Abstract forthcoming...Read more7:50-8:10: BREAK. Before or after the break, anyone ...
    Where:  Berkeley Cost:  Free
  • Cyborgs! The Not-so-distant Future of Human-Machine IntegrationSpeaker: Nuria Vendrell-Llopis of UC Berkeley's Brain-Machine Interface Systems LaboratoryMarin Science Seminar
    Where:  San Rafael Cost:  Free
Thursday, 10/05/17
  • Is Oakland Ready for the Big One?Throughout the Bay Area, some homes are more prepared to withstand a major earthquake than others. This is certainly the case in Oakland, where older homes account for much of the housing stock. Come hear from the city’s experts about what is being done to mitigate seismic hazards in residential ...
    Where:  Oakland Cost:  $10 General, Free for Members
  • Lidar Solutions Using Vernier-Tuned Distributed Bragg Reflector LasersSpeaker: Dr. Dennis Derickson, Chair, EE Dept., Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
    Where:  Rohnert Park Cost:  Free
  • After Dark: Dangerous Ideas and Collisions“Can we plan for the unintended consequences of our actions?” World Economic Forum, Annual Meeting of the New Champions 2016What happens when ideas evolve into tools we use to navigate the world? Whether fixed into ideologies or found roaming the outskirts of social order, ideas rarely seem to end where ...
    Where:  San Francisco Cost:  $15 General, $10 Members
  • Cafe InquiryMeet up with rationalists, skeptics, and freethinkers south of San Francisco
    Where:  Menlo Park Cost:  Free
  • Climate Garden 2085Climate Garden 2085 is a public science experiment that invites visitors to experience future climate scenarios firsthand. It’s an opportunity to imagine the impact of climate change in San Francisco at a human level.For the opening of the Climate Garden 2085 exhibition at swissnex San Francisco, we present talks from artist and science communicator Juanita ...
    Where:  San Francisco Cost:  Free
  • Sharktoberfest NightLifeIt’s that time of year agai - when toothy sharks and thirsty humans unite for a salute to brews with an aquatic twist.Shark Talks (African Hall)7:30pm - Learn what it takes to discover a new shark species with Vicky Vásquez, graduate student at the Pacific Shark Research Center, who named the ...
    Where:  San Francisco Cost:  $15 General, $12 Members
  • Directly Imaging Planets Around Other StarsSpeaker: Gaspard Duchene, UC Berkeley
    Where:  Berkeley Cost:  Free
  • October LASER Event - Stanford
    7:00-7:25: Carrie Hott(Media Artist) on "Nets for the Unweighable: a Brief History of Nets"From the earliest known nets to the development of the electric grid...Read more7:25-7:50: Maya Ackerman(Santa Clara Univ/ Computational Creativity) on "An Introduction to Computational Creativity"Can computers be creative? ...Read more7:50-8:10: BREAK. Before or after the ...
    Where:  Stanford Cost:  Free
  • An Evening with National Geographic Photographer Randy OlsonWe are proud to invite you to an evening lecture and screening of photographs by Randy Olson, one of the most celebrated documentary photographers working today. This is the second in our series of appearances at Stanford by internationally award-winning photographers; last Fall we hosted David Burnett, and in Winter ...
    Where:  Stanford Cost:  Free
Friday, 10/06/17
  • Birds & BotanyHike the forests, meadows and hills around Pine Flat and up Redhill with ACR Volunteer Patrick Woodworth & ACR Resource Ecologist Dave Self. We’ll be watching (and listening) for birds on the hike out. After lunch, we'll botanize as we consider the seasonal interplay between bird foods, habitat history and current activity ...
    Where:  Geyserville Cost:  Free
  • First Friday Family Night at CuriOdysseyFamilies with small children can swing into the weekend with music, science, food and fun! On the first Friday of every month, from 5 p.m. until 8 p.m., parents and kids celebrate together at CuriOdyssey. Dance to live music including soul, funk and jazz of the 60’s and 70’s.  Purchase ...
    Where:  San Mateo Cost:  $12.50-9.50 / Free with Admission / Members Free
  • Finding Meteorites in AntarcticaMeteorites fall on the Earth at a rate of 30,000 Kg per year. Antarctic meteorite searches are one of the most important sources of extraterrestrial material and information for planetary research. Antarctica is an ideal hunting-ground for these precious samples of other worlds, so each year, the National Science Foundation ...
    Where:  San Mateo Cost:  Free
  • Night Sky PartyMeet the stars of fall and view the full harvest moon! Join our amateur astronomers to learn about constellations. Make a star chart and then venture outside to view the night sky through a telescope. Afterwards, warm up with some hot chocolate. Bring your own binoculars or spotting scopes if ...
    Where:  Alviso Cost:  Free
Saturday, 10/07/17
  • Bay Day: How to HikeInterested in hiking and enjoying nature but haven’t made the effort yet to get outside? Come join us at the refuge for a fun introduction to hiking! Learn about the benefits of hiking, what you need, safety, and how to plan your next hiking adventure. Then head out on the trails with the option ...
    Where:  Alviso Cost:  Free
  • BaySplash Join us for a fun and FREE day of science, arts, music, food, and celebrating the Bay.BaySplash is a STEAM-based (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) event that revolves around three pillars: community revitalization, environmental justice, and urban sustainability; encompassing the past, present, and future of the community in which ...
    Where:  San Francisco Cost:  FREE
  • Bay DayDid you know that San Francisco’s shoreline once extended as far inland as Montgomery Street? Delve into the city’s rich maritime history at the Fisher Bay Observatory Gallery. In celebration of Bay Day and California Archaeology Month, the Exploratorium will debut recently discovered artifacts from the city’s early waterfront. Meet archaeologists who unearth ...
    Where:  San Francisco Cost:  Free with admission
  • Fixit Clinic CCXXX (230)Fixit Coaches will be training in residence at the Newark Library and available for consultation on your broken items.Celebrating repair by conveying basic troubleshooting skills, Fixit Clinics are do-it-together hands-on STEM-oriented fix-n-learn community-based exploration and discovery workshops staffed by volunteer Fixit Coaches who generously share their time, tools and expertise ...
    Where:  Newark Cost:  Free
  • On Becoming a Spacefaring SocietyIf we ever hope to become a true spacefaring society, we must wean ourselves away from chemical rockets. This premise will be proven through an examination of Tsiolkovsky’s Rocket Equation, where it will become apparent that adding fuel achieves diminishing returns, but increasing exhaust gas velocity offers rapid transits to Mars, the outer planets, ...
    Where:  San Jose Cost:  Free
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