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Sustainability Science at Scale

Almost two decades ago, “Sustainability Science” was born as a new field of research defined by the “types of problems it addresses rather than by the disciplines it employs” and "serves the need for advancing both knowledge and action by creating a dynamic bridge between the two". Building bridges among disciplines and sectors has proven valuable for identifying solutions and linking knowledge to action. While it is encouraging to see how this field has grown, we still struggle to apply the core concepts and tools of sustainability science at scale. Building transdisciplinary research teams in a community, or a region, can help to co-design knowledge that is taken and put into practice. But how do these apply cross-scale up to the scale of the planet? Amy Luers is a sustainability scientist who has worked for over two decades in different sectors including academia, civil society, private sector, and government trying to bring science to action. In this talk, she will explore opportunities and challenges of applying sustainability science at scale, drawing from her experience working at Stanford, Union of Concerned Scientists, Google, and the White House. Amy is currently the Executive Director of Future Earth and will provide an overview of how Future Earth is working to bring sustainability science to a planetary scale.

Speaker: Amy Luers, Futue Earth

Wednesday, 05/15/19


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Environment and Energy Building (Y2E2)

Stanford University
Room 111
Stanford, CA 94305

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