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'Rethinking Trust and Well-Being in a Digital Age'

Jeff Hancock

A new trust framework is emerging - fueled by social, economic and technological forces that will profoundly alter how we trust, not only what we see and read online, but also one another. At the same time, technology is influencing how we behave and relate to one another, with important implications for our well-being In this talk we will discuss how principles from psychology and communication intersect deception, trust and well-being with technology. We will discuss several  studies that reveal key principles to guide how we think about truth and trust on the internet, and I will report on a new meta-analysis examining every study examining social media and well-being.

Speaker: Jeff Hancock, Stanford Univ.

Monday, 10/14/19


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Stanford Symbolic Systems Forum

Margaret Jacks Hall
Stanford, CA 94305

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