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Nerd Nite Silicon Valley #9: Ancient Automatons & Super Sensors!

Killer Automatons and Evil Fembots of Ancient Greece

Driverless cars, ships powered by thought, killer robots and replicants, sexbots, fire-breathing bronze bulls, eagle drones, giant animatronic mollusks! Modern Sci-Fi? Nope. All these techno-marvels and more were dreamed up 2,500 years ago in ancient Greek mythology.

Speaker: Adrienne Mayor, research scholar in Classics and History of Science at Stanford

Giant Mag-neato-resistance

A (hopefully) humorous talk about an incredible technology that enables both the reading of memory in computers and the detection of biomarkers in blood. From a Nobel Prize in 2007 to plasma patient samples in 2019, this talk will cover how these ingenious sensors came about and my vision for their impact on the future of biotechnology.

Speaker: Dana Kralicek, Stanford

Tuesday, 10/29/19


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The Tabard Theater

29 North San Pedro Street
San Jose, CA 95110