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Marine Science Sunday: The Big, The Small, and The Weird

The theme this month is Celebrating Our Oceans: The Big, The Small, and The Weird.  Come learn about the amazing diversity of life that lives out in the Ocean, from the big to the small and everything in between.  Guided tours will take you around the hospital showcasing some of the patients we are caring for and how our veterinarians are getting them better.  Classroom presentations will feature interactive activities and multimedia showcasing the diversity of life living in our oceans, from the biggest animal in the World (the blue whale), to the smallest animals in the Ocean (plankton), the top predator (the orca) and even the weirdest animals like the unicorns of the sea, the narwhal! 

  • FREE Classroom Programs: Marine Mammal Parents and Pups- 12 PM and 2 PM (45-minute sessions)

    Join us for an interactive presentation on the special and unusual dating habits of marine mammals and their resulting cute pups! Laura will talk about how gray whales only date when on vacation to Baja California, elephant seals must fight for their girlfriends, and showcase how unbelievably adorable marine mammal babies are, including a cutest marine mammal baby contest! Sessions are held at 12pm and 2pm. A great compliment to the guided tour!

  • Guided Tours* - 11:00 AM, 1:00 PM, and 3:00 PM

    Learn fascinating facts about seals and sea lions from our education experts while seeing exhibits and patient viewing areas. (*Small fee applies, it helps our patients!).  


Sunday, 03/08/20

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