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The three most curious things from one year of DES weak lensing - Livestream

The Dark Energy Survey has finished cosmological and other lensing results from one year of collected data. I will revisit three findings that were perhaps unexpected but seem curious (at least to me!), on the side of the main two-point function results on cosmology. One is the ongoing controversy on calibration of photometric redshifts. Another are the anomalously low counts and lensing signals we have measured for low-mass optically selected clusters. A third one is the first detection, and somewhat unexpected behavior, of the cross-correlation of weak gravitational lensing with extragalactic gamma- rays. I will also discuss progress towards the one most curious thing from three years of DES weak lensing data, to come out soon.

Speaker:  Dan Gruen, Stanford

Tuesday, 04/28/20


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UC Berkeley

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