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The Neurobiology of Love (live streaming)

Love is a universal experience found in all human cultures. Across the entirety of human culture, our single greatest commonality is the brain. What happens in the brains of people in love? In this talk, Dr. Sarah Strand will discuss the three basic types of love (Lust, Romantic Attraction, and Attachment) and their unique brain pathways and neurochemistry. She will. also show how love is highly effective at reducing stress and enhancing overall health and survival. Last, these concepts will be discussed in a closing discussion about the differences between the brains of men and women in love and how being in love may result in neurogenesis, or the birth of new neurons.  

Speaker: Sarah Strand, CSU Sacramento

We will send the link for the Zoom meeting a few hours before the event starts to everyone who registers for this event (need your e-mail address).

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Saturday, 08/01/20


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