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A Look at the Universe's Binary Systems - Livestream

More than half of all observed star systems are binaries, and their importance goes far beyond simply their prevalence. Through observing these orbiting celestial bodies, astronomers can measure the mass, temperature, size, and orbit of stars, along with their astronomical distance, providing crucial information to support today's astronomers. In addition, binary systems have the opportunity to produce fascinating combinations, uniting main-sequence stars with pulsars and white dwarfs with black holes to produce some of astronomy's most fascinating phenomenon. Within the talk, examine how we identify binary star systems, delve deeper into their amazing importance to astronomy, be amazed by some of the Universe's most bizarre events produced within these systems and what their interactions tell us, and finally find out how you can begin observing binary stars and helping modern astronomers with their research!

Speaker: Emre Yavuz

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Saturday, 08/08/20


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San Jose Astronomical Society

, CA