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After Dark Online: Shaping Landscapes


How has the Bay Area’s landscape been transformed by Black leaders? Tonight, hear about the ways in which Black Bay Area leaders, both past and present, have impacted and shaped local landscapes through changes to the physical environment and by advocating for equity in Black communities.This program features:

Based in Oakland, the Black Panther Party is well-known for changing the political landscape of the East Bay, but the Party also contributed to changes in the physical landscape that remain to this day. Join University of Southern California professor Dr. Alaina Morgan in using contemporary and historic photographs of sites used by the Party to consider this important shaping of the East Bay and the risks of collective amnesia that may come with a rapidly changing Oakland.

Hear from Ms. Margaret Gordon, the co-founder and co-director of the West Oakland Environmental Indicators Project; Phoenix Armenta, community air liaison at the West Oakland Environmental Indicators Project; and Dr. Teresa E. Munoz, an obstetrician-gynecologist with Climate Health Now, about how environmental inequities and environmental racism have been embedded in the local landscape, locally and beyond, and their leadership in the fight to support equitable access to healthy environments. 

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Thursday, 02/04/21


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