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Tracking Moment-by-Moment Changes on Digital Screens to Discover What People Actually See and Do With Technology - Livestream

Byron Reeves

There has never been more interest and anxiety about the effects of media - addiction, wellbeing, relationships, politics, finances, work changes, and more. Parents, pediatricians and policy makers are eager for better data about the effects of technology, but it has been a challenge for scientists to accommodate. The major problem that scientists face is that media experiences now defy easy characterization. Researchers need a better microscope, and better theories about how to use it, to see what is now often invisible.  A major opportunity is to use interdisciplinary science to develop a framework that can be used to assess the breadth of life experiences now reflected on screens. We have launched the Stanford Human Screenome Project, a research platform and data repository that facilitates precise mapping of media use via detailed moment-by-moment capture and computational analysis of all the actual content, actions and sequences that appear on personal screens - defining what we call the screenome.  We will demonstrate diverse applications of the screenome in the study of politics, physical and mental health, learning and social relationships.

Speaker: Byron Reeves

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Monday, 05/10/21


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