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Fast Radio Bursts: ElectroMagnetic Pulses from Cosmologically Distant Neutron Stars with Hundred GigaTesla Magnetic Field? - Livestream

Roger Blandford

For over a decade, radio astronomers have been observing millisecond pulses of intense radio emission. They now appear to be associated with strongly magnetized neutron stars called Magnetars, where extreme quantum electrodynamic (QED) and plasma processes take place. The rapidly developing observational picture will be summarized and a plethora of theoretical models will be reported.The possibility that Fast Radio Bursts (FRBs) and pulsar radio emission are an expression of force-free electrodynamics, as originally developed by James Clerk Maxwell, will be discussed.

Speaker: Roger Blandford, Stanford University

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Wednesday, 07/21/21


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San Francisco Amateur Astronomers

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