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Zoom Talk: Carnivorous Plants of the Garden - Livestream

James Fong

Why are some plants carnivorous? What kinds of carnivorous plants are there? Can I grow carnivorous plants at home? Where are carnivorous plants found in the wild? Learn about the wonderful diversity of carnivorous plants with horticulturist James Fong! James has over 15 years of carnivorous plant growing experience in the Bay Area and grows a multitude of carnivorous plants in his own home garden. From the menacing jaws of the Venus flytrap to the glistening sundews of South Africa, James will showcase highlights from the collection, including some that are not currently on display, as well as give a background on carnivorous plant biology and cultivation during this live Zoom program. Find out which plants we grow and sell here at the Garden year-round that make great additions to your own home. He will be answering your questions as well!

Thursday, 08/26/21


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$5 General, Free for members

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UC Botanical Garden

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