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Why Mobility is Destiny - Rescheduled

Parag Khanna

The map of humanity isn’t settled -- not now, not ever.

In the 60,000 years since people began spreading across the continents, a recurring feature of human civilization has been mobility - the ever-constant search for resources, stability and opportunity. Driven by global events from conflicts, famine, repression and changing climates - to opportunities for trade, social advancement and freedom of thought - humans have relocated around the globe for millennia.

But what happens when billions of people are on the move? As climate change tips toward full-blown crisis, economies collapse, governments destabilize, and technology disrupts, we’re entering a new age of mass migrations. Futurist Parag Khanna uncovers the deep trends that are shaping the most likely scenarios for our future and asks what map of human geography will emerge.

Speaker: Parag Khanna

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Editor's Note: This event has been rescheduled to November 9, 2021

Wednesday, 10/13/21


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