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A Star is Born, and Planets Too - Livestream

Givor Basri

We live in a privileged time, when at last humans have been able to directly see other stars and planets as they are being born. Needless to say, this has enabled us to answer age-old questions about how the Sun and Earth were made. It turns out the process is beautiful! We are now certain that planets are a natural outcome of star formation. I’ll explain in simple terms the universal star and planet formation mechanisms and events. These same processes are also at work in spiral galaxies and around black holes. The talk is richly illustrated with pictures from major observatories on Earth and in space that have enabled us (along with computer modeling) to learn how stars and planets are born and watch the whole process unfolding.

Speaker: Gibor Basri, UC Berkeley, Emeritus

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Wednesday, 11/17/21


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