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Many-body ground state problem and near-term quantum computer - Livestream

It is well-known that solving the ground state of locally interacting quantum many-body systems can be computationally challenging in two spatial dimensions and higher. There are approaches to solve this problem using a quantum computer, but the quantum computers available these days are still noisy and small, posing a significant challenge in obtaining high-accuracy solutions. I will discuss an overview of known approaches, focusing on their promises and challenges. Then I will discuss an approach that can sidestep many of these practical challenges. This is an approach in which the variational calculation of already-established many-body ansatz (e.g., tensor network) is delegated to a quantum computer. This approach leverages the known structure of wave functions in many-body systems, leading to speedups using a modest amount of resources, while ensuring that the outcome of the computation is robust to experimental noise.

Speaker: Isaac Kim, UC Davis

Attend in person or online

Monday, 01/31/22


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UC Berkeley Condensed Matter Physics Seminar

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