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Technology Development for the Field of Regenerative Medicine

Jan Nolta

The fields of stem cells, immunotherapy, gene therapy and regenerative medicine are poised to change the face of healthcare. Immunotherapy is giving terminal cancer patients a second chance at life, gene therapy can cure rare diseases, and living stem cells and other cell and cultured tissue therapies are beginning to be prescribed for certain indications. Gene editing offers unprecedented opportunity to alter stem cell genomes to make lasting cures for monogenic disorders, including countless rare diseases. This changes the fields of medicine, nursing, and pharmacy, since the new generations of healthcare students will need to learn how to handle drugs that are not pills or liquids in a vial, but rather are living, often cryopreserved, biological medicines. Manufacturing, preparation and delivery will be performed by large teams of experts with different expertise and backgrounds, including those with cell biology and manufacturing knowledge, in addition to experts in medicine, surgery, imaging, monitoring, outcomes, health technology and statistical analysis. New technologies are needed to streamline the manufacturing, formulating, and administration of the cell and gene therapy products. Telehealth technology is proving useful for remote patients’ healthcare and we are leveraging it, through our UC Davis TeleHealth program and Alpha Stem Cell Clinic, to help recruit patients to clinical trials and developing programs for more effective follow-up.

Speaker: Jan Nolta, UC Davis

Wednesday, 02/21/18


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