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After Dark: Maker Faire Edition and Copper

coppermakerEverything Matters: Copper

8:00 PM
Malleable, conductive copper enabled the Bronze Age and is an essential element for life. In some invertebrates, copper binds to oxygen in the blue blood pigment hemocyanin. Explore its significance with host Ron Hipschman and environmental scientist Seira Ashley Adams, who’ll share its chemical role in spiders.


Maker Faire - the world-famous three-day celebration of invention, creativity, and resourcefulness - comes to After Dark. Grab your friends and join us as we kick off the 13th annual Maker Faire Bay Area 2018 weekend with a sneak preview of makers and exhibits to be found May 18 - 20. Immerse yourself in maker culture with a bounty of exhibits, stages, interactive art, hands-on making and learning that inspire the future of innovation.

Mousie | With Margaret Long
Throughout museum...  Meet Mousie, a playful and mischievous mouse built on a remote-control car modified with accessible materials and techniques. It’s been to Maker Faire since 2014, zooming around, interacting with robots and people and being chased by (or chasing) children.

Sewn Scenarios | With Paul Nosa
South Gallery... Think of any scenario. Put it into five words or less. Now watch as artist Paul Nosa interprets your words and uses a sewing machine to draw the resulting image on fabric.  Embroidered patches will be available for purchase.

Astro Botanicals: Space Garden | With Stan Clark
Bechtel Central Gallery... Walk among towering, inflatable plants shaped like ornamental flowers. Artist Stan Clark designed these hand-sewn, color-changing sculptures to promote creative play and symbiotic awareness with the natural world.

BioLuminOids | With Erick Dunn
Bechtel Central Gallery... Interact with Erick Dunn’s BioLuminOids, light-and-sound animated artworks fabricated from glass, resin, and molds take of plants and other natural elements. Alter computer code on the fly to change animations in real time.

Firefly Stomp and Sound Wave Dancers | With Mike Sullivan
Bechtel Central Gallery... See fluorescent “fireflies” bounce inside a globe as you tap or jump on a stomp pad at Mike Sullivan’s Firefly Stomp. Then mix sound to control a glowing dance within a standing wave sound tube at Sound Wave Dancers.

Robotic Flower / Skyentific | With Gennady Plyushchev
Bechtel Central Gallery... Admire the motorized grace of Gennady Plyushchev’s waltzing flower. His mechanical botanical has nine servo motors to move its leaves, trunk, and petals, and uses compression and extension springs to create a smooth waltzing motion.

Slime Lamps / SIProp | With Hirotaka Niisato
Bechtel Central Gallery... Touch the light and watch it beat along with your heart. Hirotaka Niisato designed these flexible slime lamps with heartbeat sensors. As you stretch, shape, and mix the lights, they shine in tandem with detected heartbeats.

Channeled Alien Mechanicals | With Justin Kohn
Bechtel Central Gallery... Encounter hand-machined mechanical sculptures unlike anything you’ve seen on planet Earth. Justin Kohn bases his unique artworks on joint designs used for stop-motion animation armatures, the internal structures of stop-motion creatures, robots, and other characters.

Flock | By Zachary Coffin
North Gallery... Inspired by murmurations of birds, this thirty-foot-tall kinetic sculpture employs complex geometry to counterbalance flock-shaped sails, resulting in ever-changing and astonishing visuals. Built in 2014, Flock was originally powered by the wind. In 2018, Coffin modified his design to include a rotating base, inviting people to also activate the work.


Thursday, 05/17/18


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$17.95 advance, $19.95 at the door

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