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The Power of the Placebo: Harnessing Placebo Effects to Improve Healthcare

Kari Leibowitz

Placebo effects are most often considered in the context of randomized controlled trials, in which an active drug or treatment is compared against an inert placebo treatment. This allows the factors that contribute to placebo effects to be separated from the medically active properties of a drug or treatment. But in the practice of medicine, these factors can never be separated out and the forces that produce placebo effects are part of the treatment itself. Any benefit comes from the combination of the placebo effect and the active properties of the medication. What are the factors that produce placebo effects, and can they be harnessed to improve healthcare? In this talk, Kari Leibowitz will draw on her research in the Stanford Mind & Body Lab to shed light on the psychological and social factors that produce placebo effects and discuss cutting-edge research that aims to understand how we can more effectively leverage these factors in healthcare. She will share her research on how an understanding of placebo effects can be used to deliberately shape mindsets in healthcare to reduce side effects and improve outcomes of treatment.

Speaker: Kari Leibowitz, Stanford

Wednesday, 03/06/19


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