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Hardcore Natural History Series - Masters of None: Why Being a Generalist is Advantageous in Changing Oceans

Humpback whale populations have increased strongly in the Eastern North Pacific (and Monterey Bay) since the end of commercial whaling. This rebound in numbers is due in large part to their generalist foraging strategies. Join us as we explore the versatile foraging habits of Humpback Whales with Dr. David Cade. We will explore how whales can not only switch prey types, with whales in different environments feeding on many species of krill as well as anchovies, herring, sand lance, capelin and other forage fish, but can capture these different prey in a variety of ways that continue to surprise researchers.

Thursday, 01/16/20


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$10 General, $5 Member advance, $15 at door

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Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History

165 Forest Ave
Pacific Grove, CA 93950