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Data Science in UAM: Challenges and Opportunities - Livestream

Vishwanath Bulusu

Aviation is broadly a combination of - aircraft, airspace and airports. The data science life cycle comprises five steps - capture, maintain, process, analyze and communicate. The presentation introduces the legacy of conventional aviation research in the context of the data science life cycle to motivate the challenges with Urban Air Mobility, a field that is quite nascent. A summary of recent research will then be presented to highlight the innovative ways that can be used to address the challenges. Examples discussed include the generation of synthetic data and encounter models from simulations and leveraging novel and diverse data sets from traditional transportation and non-aviation sources to analyze problems of operation in urban airspace. Finally, opportunities are identified for further exploration, niche development and filling the gaps in the field of data science in UAM.

Speaker: Vishwanath Bulusu, Crown Consulting

Wednesday, 04/29/20

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Berkeley Institute for Data Science

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