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Biofuture/ Biohistories: Growing Brain Organoids in the Lab

Using stem cells - like those found in our earliest embryonic selves - scientists have learned to grow miniature brain-like structures, called brain organoids. How similar are organoids to a real human brain, and what can we do with them? So far, scientists have seen brain organoids send signals in coordinated patterns that look somewhat like the brain waves in a fetus.

Join a conversation with leading organoid researcher Allyson Muotri to explore how brain organoids might help us study human brain disorders and the very earliest stages of brain development.

Alysson Muotri is a Professor in the School of Medicine at University of California, San Diego. His research focuses on modeling neurological diseases, such as autism spectrum disorders.

Thursday, 02/06/20


Kathleen Maguire

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$20 (includes museum admission)

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