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Mysterious Visitors from Outside Our Solar System: Oumuamua and Comet Borisov

Tim Thompson

As of today, only two objects have been observed, which can be definitively identified as of interstellar origin & destination: I1/‘Oumuamua & 2I/Borisov. ‘Oumuamua was an enigmatic object, visible only for about 2 weeks. While the high eccentricity of its orbit certainly makes it interstellar, it cannot be pinned down as either an asteroid or a comet, and is even consistent in some ways with an interstellar solar sail. On the other hand, there is no doubt about Borisov being a comet. And Borisov will be around long enough to study in more detail. So we have now begun the era of serious observation of interstellar objects in the solar system. For my talk I will present what we know so far about these two interstellar voyagers. And if a third comes around before I get there, I will try to squeeze that one in too.

Speaker: Tim Thompson, Los Angeles Astronomical Society

Saturday, 02/08/20


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East Bay Astronomical Society

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