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Science of Light: After Dark

light handWatch science come to light at After Dark. Light brings energy and color to our world, and photonics is the study of how it’s generated and the varied ways it can be modulated, amplified, and detected. Learn about industrial applications through LASER and fiber optics as well as the manipulation of single photons and visual spectacles designed to delight the eyes.

Biofutures: Brain Organoids from the Lab With Alysson Muotri 8:00 p.m. 

Using stem cells like those found in our earliest embryonic selves scientists have learned to grow miniature brain-like structures, called brain organoids. How similar are organoids to a real human brain, and what can we do with them? So far, scientists have seen brain organoids send signals in coordinated patterns that look somewhat like the brain waves in a fetus. Join a conversation with leading organoid researcher Alysson Muotri to explore how brain organoids might help us study human brain disorders and the very earliest stages of brain development.

LASER Waterfall With Desiré Whitmore 9:00 p.m.  

You’ve seen LASERs shoot through the air but what about in water? Come learn about the index of refraction and the speed of light in different materials with Exploratorium senior physics educator Desiré Whitmore. 

Chill Out With the Cubatron Core 6:00-10:00 p.m.

Our massive seasonal chandelier is back! Test out the calming effects of light stimulation and color therapy underneath this tremendous, torus-shaped sculpture by artist Mark Lottor. Twenty-six feet in diameter and eighteen feet high, Cubatron Core is made of 3,840 individually controllable RGB LEDs. Take this special opportunity to lie underneath it, with an option to explode the optics with special specs.  

Light Bulb Demo With The Explainers 6:00-10:00 p.m. 

What makes a light bulb light up? Learn how this 140-year-old invention has illuminated our homes for so many years, and yet is still being updated with new technologies. Put your hands on a variety of bulbs, see the color spectrums they emit, and even try constructing your own.

Splitting Hairs With Explorables 7:00-10:00 p.m.

Light is essential. It grows our food, defines our days and nights, and helps us navigate through the world. But did you know the properties of light can also allow us to measure things? Come use a red laser light to measure the length of your hair.



Thursday, 02/06/20


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