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The Neobiological Revolution - Livestream

Jane Metcalfe

The neobiological revolution started with the sequencing of the human genome, and really took off once we started being able to edit and reprogram DNA. Jane Metcalfe first saw this revolution unfolding at a conference, when she realized this was the next progression of the digital revolution--only this time we would be engineering life.

Metcalfe also noticed that many of the people at the forefront of this revolution were often too caught up in the specific problems they’re trying to solve, making it difficult for them to focus on the larger trends of this revolution. Metcalfe founded NEO.LIFE to help connect the dots between siloed disciplines; to identify the extraordinary scientists and innovators who are pioneering new biological solutions; and to help build a community and create some perspective on where this could and should (or should not) be going.

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Thursday, 04/16/20


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