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Virtual Movie Night: 'Mercury 13'

The SETI Institute will show Mercury 13 for our July 9 movie night. There will also be live interviews with Gena Nora Jessen - one of the original 13 - and David Sington, director of the 2018 film.

Mercury 13 tells the remarkable story of astronauts who had the right stuff, but the wrong gender. In 1958, NASA - America’s newly constituted space agency - started the Mercury Program to put humans into orbit, the first step down the yellow brick road to landing astronauts on the Moon.

Seven male test pilots were eventually stuffed into the tiny confines of the Mercury capsules. But 13 women were also invited to try out. Their test performance was equal - and sometimes better than - that of the men, but the space agency wasn’t about to send women into space.

In this highly rated film, the excitement and disappointments of the Mercury 13 is told using both historical and contemporary footage.

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Thursday, 07/09/20


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