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How Optofluidics contribute to the pandemic response - Livestream

Lab-on-chip devices have long held the promise of providing a convenient and rapid way to analyze small amounts of biological and chemical samples. However, reaching the ultimate limit of single molecule sensitivity on a chip has proven challenging despite numerous potential applications. Holger Schmidt's research is focused on developing optofluidic devices and systems that integrate photonics and fluidics on a single, chip-based system. His group has invented numerous new approaches to optical and electrical manipulation and analysis of single particles. These have led to powerful single molecule analysis platforms for optical fluorescence and electrical nanopore detection. Their unique ability to directly count any type of biomolecule including nucleic acids and proteins has opened up new avenues for disease diagnostics.

Speaker: Holger Schmidt, UC Santa Cruz

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Thursday, 08/27/20


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UC Santa Cruz

, CA