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All about Honeybees - Livestream

Honeybee hive

Honeybees are regarded as one of the most important insects on our planet. Did you ever wonder about what really goes on inside a hive? Did you know that the colony is a finely tuned machine where every bee has a job and that these jobs are strictly divided by caste? And that honeybees collaborate for the good of the colony in ways that are hard for us to understand?

You are invited to go on a virtual hive tour led by Jan Spieth from the Mt. Diablo Beekeepers Association. This is your opportunity to observe, up close, the lives of Apis mellifera, the western honeybee.

Jan will give you a up-close look at honeybees, using slides to illustrate the history of beekeeping and explain basic honeybee biology to better understand life inside the hive. Then she’ll take you into her bee yard to lift the lid of a hive, examine frames, look for larvae, even find the queen bee

You will come away with a new appreciation for honeybees and understand why they are so crucial to our planet’s ecosystems. You will learn ways that you might be able to help protect these hard-working creatures by adding bee-friendly plants and features to your garden.

Friday, 06/25/21


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