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Power for Astronomy Away from Home - Livestream

Traveling to a secluded dark site gives us access to skies that we can only dream about at home. In addition to having to pack up and transport all of our equipment, we have to have a plan to provide the power needed to operate our mounts, cameras, computers, etc. in places where the convenience of a nearby AC outlet is nonexistent. The humble lead acid battery has served to supply power away from home for decades. In this presentation, we will answer the three most important questions required when planning for power away from home: 1) How Much Power Do I Need?; 2) What are My Power Supply Options?; 3) How Do I Connect Everything? We will discuss the latest trends in battery technology using lithium chemistries. And we will examine another trend using a centralized power distribution hub to manage and simplify power distribution to all of our equipment.

Speaker: Curtis Macchioni

See weblink for instructions for obtaining Zoom password and link.

Friday, 06/18/21


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