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Tales from the Stratosphere - Livestream

Marita Beard

SOFIA, the Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy, operated by NASA, is a Boeing 747SP aircraft that flies into the stratosphere, above 99 percent of Earth’s infrared-blocking atmosphere, allowing research in ways not possible with ground-based telescopes.

Ten years after her first flight on SOFIA, Marita Beard's stories about her experiences on SOFIA continue to serve as a way to engage and connect learning goals to real world education opportunities for her students. As an Airborne Ambassador for SOFIA, Marita will share how her experiences on several SOFIA flights helped her achieve her lifelong dream of being a part of a NASA mission. She works to inspire her students to pursue their own STEM goals through learning how science is conducted on SOFIA. Her students also learn about the backgrounds of people involved with SOFIA, and what SOFIA has discovered since its first flight.

Marita believes she has much to contribute because of working with SOFIA at NASA Ames prior to going into teaching, and she will share her experiences with us.

Speaker: Marita Beard, Leigh High School, San Jose

Wednesday, 09/15/21


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