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We Cannot Build the New Energy System Using the Tools of the Old Energy System - Livestream

Alex Grant

The lithium ion battery is solidifying its role as the technology platform that underpins the new energy system. Fake solutions like hydrogen are falling by the wayside as they are becoming better understood as less efficient than batteries in competitive use cases or suffer significant contamination by legacy oil and gas interests, while investors are pouring tens of billions of dollars into lithium ion gigafactories all around the world. For the lithium ion energy technology platform to reduce the impacts of the global energy system as much as possible, the supply chains that underpin lithium ion must also be rapidly expanded and revolutionized.

In this talk, Alex Grant will discuss his work on lithium extraction technology innovation to produce lithium chemicals from previously neglected lower grade, less pure resources which have the potential to radically reduce CO2, water, and land use impacts of the battery supply chain. He will also discuss his work in life cycle assessment of lithium extraction and processing, and share with the battery technology ecosystem suggestions for how to help ensure the battery supply chain is as minimally impactful as possible.

Livestream here.

Monday, 01/31/22


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