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Informatics Advances for Personalized Health Interventions - Livestream

Holly Pavel

Health behaviors account for the most significant influence on overall health outcomes and healthcare costs, far outpacing genetic effects or the influence of access to medical care. As we move from an era of “reactive” medicine that is hospital and clinic-based toward more holistic and proactive care focused on the management of chronic conditions and prevention, informatics advances are needed to model patient state in real-time to deliver tailored just-in-time health interventions to the home. In this presentation, I will describe AI techniques for inferring patient state in real-time from streaming sensor data and mobile interactions, as well as a health coaching infrastructure for delivering tailored motivational and feedback mobile messaging. This architecture incorporates representations of user preferences, motivations, and barriers to change to enable the incorporation of known principles of health behavior change. Based on our needs assessment of stakeholders (elders, family caregivers, clinicians, service providers, researchers, government, and industry), we have focused on a design to facilitate the participation of family members and low-skilled caregivers as part of the care team. Our tested applications for this technology have ranged from interactive video exercise, socialization, and stress management to cognitive monitoring and cognitive health interventions. Bringing tailored and coordinated care interventions to the home offer a scalable and potentially cost-effective approach to improving health and quality of life for a growing population of individuals with chronic disease and conditions associated with aging.

Speaker: Holly Jimison, Northeastern University

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Wednesday, 02/02/22


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