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Wireless Broadband Growth Requires New Frequency Control Technologies - Livestream

William Linstrom

Demand for internet data capacity has been growing exponentially for more than 30 years and shows no sign of slackening. In the last 20 years, wireless bandwidth demand has tracked with wireline demand resulting, even with advanced modulation schemes like OFDM (orthogonal frequency division multiplexing), in increasing congestion of the airwaves. Inevitably, higher frequency spectrum is required to satisfy the growing demand, but existing frequency control technologies (oscillators and filters) have exhausted their ability to deliver.

Existing frequency control technology performance degrades to critical levels as frequencies rise above 2 GHz. As the frequency increases their performance (Qfactor) decreases, leading to decreased spectral efficiency with noise and interference problems. An interim solution has been fixed frequency technologies but these have led to channelization which exacerbates the congestion problem. And even these fixed frequency technologies are running out of performance as frequencies climb.

The time is ripe for a new technology to overcome the inherent limitations of existing frequency control technologies and open more of the RF spectrum to consumer use. New developments in ferrimagnetic resonator technology utilizing YIG (yttrium iron garnet) materials, including new YIG Nano-film technology, can lead to new opportunities for high bandwidth RF-based products and services.

Speaker: William Linstrom, Vida Products

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Thursday, 04/07/22


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