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Music of the Spheres at Lick Observatory

Steph Sallum

Artist: Tod Dickow with Charged Particles

Astronomy Speaker: Dr. Steph Sallum is an Assistant Professor of Physics and Astronomy at UC Irvine.  She studies planet formation directly with high resolution imaging and interferometry. She develops and applies interferometric techniques on adaptive-optics corrected telescopes, and uses them to image young stars and protoplanetary disks. This approach allows her to probe smaller angular separations than “traditional” imaging techniques, expanding the parameter space for exoplanet and disk detections. She is also involved in exoplanet imaging instrument development as the Project Scientist for the Keck/SCALES integral field spectrograph, and as a member of the TMT/Planetary Systems Imager team.

Tickets go on sale April 13 at noon. See weblink.

Saturday, 07/09/22


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$55 General, $95 Preferred

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