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Switching on the Stars at the Dawn of Time - Livestream

Emma Chapman

In understanding how the Universe began and grew up, we find ourselves in the dark ages, both literally and figuratively. Empty of life and structure, space suddenly illuminated with the light of the first stars, as they roared to life 200 million years after the Big Bang. This time represents the start of the diverse and crowded cosmos we experience today… but there is a missing billion years in our understanding. What did these first stars look like? How are they different from our Sun, and are they now an extinct species? Dr. Emma Chapman has taken on the challenge of exploring the Era of the First Stars using radio telescopes and stellar archaeology. In this lecture, she will tell the story of these first, lonely, and gigantic stars. We will together find out how first stars enabled the creation of galaxies, planets, and even us.

Speaker: Emma Chapman, University of Nottingham

Register at weblink to receive connection information.  This event may also become a hybrid, in-person event.

Tuesday, 04/05/22


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