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Open House: Machine Learning, the mortar of modernization

Machine Learning is advancing the civilization and is one of the key drivers of economy today. Machine Learning literacy may one day become essential the way computer literacy is today. This talk intends to explain Machine Learning concepts to wider audiences by using easy to relate real world analogies and serves as a refresher to the already initiated. A fundamental concept in machine learning is similarity. The dot product that is ubiquitously present in machine learning is a measure for similarity. Similarity is key to human learning as well. We learn in delta increments by comparing and contrasting with what we already know. Analogies or similarities help
Machine learning is an exciting field for many, but the rigor, math, and its rapid evolution are often found to be formidable, keeping them away from studying and pursuing a career in this area. This talk will use similarity to explain the underpinnings of machine learning to those who want to get insights into machine learning and data science. A number of concepts, techniques, and algorithms in machine learning will be explained relating them to real-world analogies in a way that audiences with little or no background in the area will also be able to appreciate.

Speaker: Vishnu Pendyala, San Jose State University

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Tuesday, 06/14/22


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