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Science at Cal - Can We Make Green Hydrogen Fuel a Reality? - Livestream

Hydrogen gas plays an important role in the future of clean energy with the potential to replace fossil fuels for many daily and essential applications, from making fertilizers to producing chemicals for plastics. In this Midday Science Cafe, we’ll be hearing from scientists who study different processes working toward the same goal: to make hydrogen fuel a clean, affordable reality. UC Berkeley scientist Dr. Julie Fornaciari studies the process of creating hydrogen - that is, how to optimize hydrogen production through a process that uses electricity and water. But once we have the hydrogen, how can it be turned into energy? Well, Dr. Arthur Dizon of Berkeley Lab uses mathematical modeling to optimize energy production through a process that uses oxygen alongside hydrogen. Come hear about how we can get to a future with green hydrogen fuel!

Speaker: Julie Fornaciari and Arthur Dizon, Berkeley Lab

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Thursday, 06/16/22


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Science at Cal

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