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Science at Cal - Combating Climate Change with CRISPR - Livestream

This month’s Midday Science Cafe features two scientists putting the gene-editing tool, CRISPR, to work for the good of the Earth, both by tackling the causes of climate change (for example, reducing our dependence on fossil fuels) and by counteracting its effects on major industries, like agriculture. Berkeley Lab’s Dr. Thomas Eng uses CRISPR to discover greener methods for creating fuel and everyday petroleum-based materials with the help of “rewired” microbes. UC Berkeley’s Nicholas Karavolias uses CRISPR to generate a type of rice that may be more drought-tolerant, which is relevant in our increasingly hot, dry climate. Join us in learning how CRISPR technology is being leveraged to slow the flow of carbon emissions and combat the daunting implications of climate change on our food systems.

Speaker: Nicholas Karavolias and Dr. Thomas T. Eng, UC Berkeley

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Thursday, 07/21/22


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UC Berkeley

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