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Thursday, 11/02/17
  • Exploring the Nano-World with Electrons - SOLD OUTCome and explore the inner workings of a cell! See how electron microscopes are used to peer deep into the world around us and even our very own cells. Look at the building blocks of life: DNA, RNA, proteins, and lipids, and see how they combine to form a cell. ...
    Where:  Berkeley Cost:  Free
  • Five Tables of Cal Scientists’ Takes on Art
    Drop by our art study centers on Free First Thursday for an up-close look at treasures from the BAMPFA collections, laid out on the five tables in the seminar area. UC Berkeley scientists give us their take on a nonrandom selection of art from our collections. Works on view might ...
    Where:  Berkeley Cost:  Free
  • Gold Foams as Advanced Biomedical Device CoatingsNanostructured materials offer tremendous opportunities for engineering advanced device components for diagnostic and therapeutic applications. Nanoporous gold (np-Au), produced by a nano-scale self-assembly process, is a relatively new material and has mostly attracted attention for catalyst applications due to its high effective surface area, electrical conductivity, and ease of surface ...
    Where:  Rohnert Park Cost:  Free
  • Harnessing the Digital Revolution for Sustainability
    This series explores the connections between great leadership and the actual achievement of sustainability and wellbeing for everyone, across generations.Speaker: Kate Brands, Google
    Where:  Stanford Cost:  Free
  • After Dark: Future Foods
    The human world population is projected to reach 9.8 billion by the year 2050, according to the United Nations. To prepare for growing demands on increasingly limited resources, scientists are researching new and sustainable sources of nutrition. Insects, seaweed, and overlooked crops are on the menu, as well as 3D-printed ...
    Where:  San Francisco Cost:  17.95 advance, 19.95 door, AD members free
  • Cafe InquiryMeet up with rationalists, skeptics, and freethinkers south of San Francisco
    Where:  Menlo Park Cost:  Free
  • Design Lab NightLifeScience and art unite! This week, NightLife partners with the California College of the Arts to explore the many ways design impacts lives, culture, and science.Explore innovative ideas in fields from industrial and interaction design to illustration and architecture when African Hall transforms into a gallery full of projects, games, ...
    Where:  San Francisco Cost:  $15 General, $12 Members
  • Astronomy Night: Are We Alone? Searching for Cosmic CompanyJoin us for our monthly Astro Night series at UC Berkeley! This month, come learn all about the search for intelligent life in the Universe. After, you are invited on our rooftop for stargazing and a grew view of the city!Speaker: Steve Croft, SETI
    Where:  Berkeley Cost:  Free
  • Wonderfest - Pleasure vs. Happiness: The Neuroscience & Sociology of Two GoodsThe Declaration of Independence proclaims our right to "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness," but not to the pursuit of pleasure. What is the neurological difference between these two positive emotions of happiness and pleasure? Has society's exploitation of pleasure systematically weakened our grasp on happiness? What has caused the ...
    Where:  San Francisco Cost:  Free
  • Inside Straight Strategies
    Former chairman of the Sierra Club and co-author of the new book, Climate of Hope, Carl Pope will present an evening of environmental insights and inspiration. Climate of Hope, a collaborative effort between Pope and former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg, elicits hope and motivation regarding the power of cities, ...
    Where:  Palo Alto Cost:  $10
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