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Thursday, 11/30/17
  • Women in Tech: A Symposium on Innovation & EntrepreneurshipDespite evidence suggesting that diverse leadership teams can benefit workplace culture and the bottom line, female technologists and investors still often struggle to find support for their ideas.This public half-day symposium will highlight the experience of women in the tech industry - from established companies to startups and the venture ...
    Where:  Santa Clara Cost:  $25 - $100
  • Research Ship Nautilus' Underwater Survey of Cordell Bank National Marine SanctuaryPresenters: Dan Howard (NOAA) and Gary Williams (California Academy of Sciences) More information: 
    Where:  Point Reyes Station Cost:  Free
  • The Evolution of Environmental Debates Past and Present
    In recent decades, controversial science, once opposed by industry, has been accpeted on a host of environmental issues. Today, no one disputes evidence that smog, aerosols, and overdrafted groundwater are threats. What lessons do these past debates provide about how scientific arguments about climate change can evolve?
    Where:  Stanford Cost:  Free
  • How PARC Imagined the Future: “Futures Day” 40 Years Later Forty years ago this month, Xerox hosted a multi-million dollar event to show its senior executives how PARC imagined the future. One of the people in charge of this "Futures Day" was then PARC Computer Science Lab member, Chuck Geschke, who would go on to co-found Adobe Systems with fellow ...
    Where:  Palo Alto Cost:  Free
  • Eating Well after Dark
    Food: A Four-Course After Dark ProgramThis November, join us for in-depth explorations of food, served with tastings, talks, and demonstrations designed to whet your curiosity about cooking and eating in a rapidly changing world. Programs take place over four Thursday nights, and cover topics ranging from kitchen innovations to food ...
    Where:  San Francisco Cost:  included with admission
  • NightLife SpotlightNightLife celebrates the best of the Academy with an evening of after hours science and the premiere of Vortex 2.0, an art and music experience in the planetarium created just for NightLife.------> Featuring new work from artists Bedtimes (with music by Shigeto), Chase Hochstatter, Peter Clark, Tim Digulla, and Can ...
    Where:  San Francisco Cost:  $15 General, $12 Members
  • Camera as Witness Presents 20th UNAFF film GUARDIANS OF THE EARTHThe Paris Agreement is a milestone in human history and is going to change our life for the next decades. For the first time, 195 nations committed to take action against climate change. The film gives insight behind closed doors of the negotiations and reveals the clash of forces, which ...
    Where:  Stanford Cost:  Free
  • Sea Otters: Confessions of a Keystone Carnivore
    Sea otters are perhaps the best-known example of a "keystone predator".Sea otter behavior -- in particular diet specialization and limited mobility -- can mediate their effects on ecosystem dynamics.Other predators, especially large sea stars, can complement and reinforce the keystone role of sea otters: this became apparent with the loss ...
    Where:  Menlo Park Cost:  Free
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