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Monday, 12/04/17
  • Bridging the Enormous Span of Length Scales in Lithium-ion Batteries
    Lithium-ion batteries are ubiquitous in everyday life, and are transforming mobility through electric vehicles, and electricity grid through the storage of intermittent renewables. Metrics such as energy density, lifetime and safety are controlled by phenomena that span enormous length scales, ranging from sub-Angrostroms to centimeters and beyond. Despite the significant progress over the past three ...
    Where:  Stanford Cost:  Free
  • People and Robots Seminar - RESCHEDULEDSpeaker: David Camarillo, StanfordThis seminar has been rescheduled for 1/22/18
    Where:  Berkeley Cost:  Free
  • Modernizing America's Electricity Infrastructure
    America’s aging electricity infrastructure is deteriorating rapidly even as the need for highly reliable electric service"driven by the explosion of digital technology"continues to rise. Largely missing from national discussions, however, is a coherent, comprehensive national strategy for modernizing this critical infrastructure. Energy expert Mason Willrich presents just such a strategy ...
    Where:  Stanford Cost:  Free
  • Conversations About Resilience: Resilient South Bay: A Flood-Risk AssessmentA team of students in the Stanford course Disasters, Decisions, Development in Sustainable Urban Systems  will present interactive maps and visual insights from their flood-risk assessment of cities south of San Francisco from Burlingame to San Jose. This current work demonstrates a holistic, data-driven, and probabilistic approach to understanding direct and indirect socioeconomic losses that at-risk, interconnected ...
    Where:  San Francisco Cost:  Free (RSVP required)
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) will Revolutionize Industry
    Processing text is a little more difficult talk than processing numbers. At the same time, there is a lot more wisdom trapped in structured and unstructured documentation. The product documentation, online blogs, structured reports in different languages need to be assimilated to comprehend, answer questions and summarize. Similarly unstructured document ...
    Where:  Santa Clara Cost:  Free
  • Deep Learning in Biomedicine and Genomics: An Introduction and Applications to Next-generation Sequencing and Disease DiagnosticsWe will review the history and taxonomy of machine learning and artificial intelligenceWe will introduce deep learning, covering both what it is and why its so exciting.We will review a highlight a few deep learning applications to biomedical problems across the fieldWe will do a deep dive into three recent ...
    Where:  Santa Clara Cost:  $5 General, Free for IEEE CIS members
  • Wonderfest: Triple Play: Ask a Science EnvoyWonderfest Science Envoys are early-career researchers with special communication skills and aspirations. Following short talks on provocative modern science topics, these three Envoys will answer your questions with insight and enthusiasm:Stanford's Anna Khazenzon on "Multitasking on the Mind" - How do the ~7.5 hours/day(!) that youth spend with media affect learning, ...
    Where:  San Francisco Cost:  Free
  • A Diversity of Worlds: Origins of Structure in Planetary SystemsAstronomers have now found several thousand confirmed and likely planets orbiting stars other than the Sun. Most of these worlds are quite different from Earth and the solar system's other planets. However, discovery of true solar system analogs still strains the capabilities of current detection technologies. Prof. Murray-Clay will discuss what ...
    Where:  San Francisco Cost:  $15 General, $12 Members & Seniors
  • “The Sea Foragers Guide to the Northern California Coast” Kirk Lombard will talk to Skyline students and the general public about his work, and fishing in Northern Ca.
    Where:  San Bruno Cost:  free
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