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The Younger Protocol: Three Breakthrough Strategies to Reverse 'Inflammaging,' Reset Gene Expression, and Lengthen Healthspan: RESCHEDULED

Sara Gottfried

The younger protocol will show you how to recognize the warning signs of aging and inflammation (“inflammaging”) - worsening vision, weight gain, loss of muscle mass, thinner skin and faulty memory - and turn them around with evidence-based functional medicine. Recent data shows that 90 percent of disease is caused not by genes but by the environment surrounding your genes, much of which can be modified with lifestyle choices. Applying the science of epigenetics - the interaction of genes with the environment, which leads to heritable changes in the way DNA is expressed in your body - you will learn three key strategies that modulate the genes of aging. These strategies are taken from Gottfried’s seven-week protocol, which is the basis of her new book, Younger. The goal is lengthen one's healthspan - the period of time when you feel young, healthy, and in your prime - relatively free of disease.

Speaker: Sara Gottfried, Author and M.D.

Editor's Note: This even was originally scheduled for September 14.

Thursday, 11/16/17


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$20 General, $8 Members, $7 Students

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