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Grounds for Science - Pollution in our sky and superhero flies

Tiny Brains, Big Ideas: Nick Jourjine

Fruit flies are pesky insects that accumulate in our kitchens on hot summer days; they are also a work-horse of biological research and have contributed enormously to our understanding of human health and disease. Most recently, they have powered new insights in our understanding of the nervous system and its role in regulating behavior. Come learn why fruit flies are super-heroes of science and what they can tell us about how our brains drive us to do what we do.

Ozone Pollution in our Cities: Tamara Sparks

Air pollution has been a problem for decades, and despite regulations and great improvements made over that time, it remains a problem in much of the country. Ground-level ozone is a pollutant that harms our respiratory systems and worsens asthma, but because it isn’t emitted directly out of a tailpipe or smokestack, it’s difficult to control. Come learn about what causes ozone pollution and what science can tell us about how to make our air cleaner!

Friday, 06/23/17


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