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Functional Reactive Domain Model

Sam Puni

Functional programming, Reactive streams and CQRS can be used to build functional reactive domain models. It uses function algebra and stacking of effects to build domain algebra which can be executed on a FAAS platform. The resurgence of parallel computation and GPU programming exposes the shortcomings of the Von Neumann model and systems built using this model. Come and join us to hear about the latest innovations in this space like serverless computing, micros-services etc. needing a different approach to systems building. Languages like Scala/Haskell and middle-ware like Akka/reactive streams provide a rich substrate for building reactive systems going forward. These principles are being applied in Domains like Finance, Banking, Telecom, Health-care, Retail, Entertainment to name a few.

Speaker: Sam Puni, Huawei

Tuesday, 08/15/17


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