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Gold Foams as Advanced Biomedical Device Coatings

Nanostructured materials offer tremendous opportunities for engineering advanced device components for diagnostic and therapeutic applications. Nanoporous gold (np-Au), produced by a nano-scale self-assembly process, is a relatively new material and has mostly attracted attention for catalyst applications due to its high effective surface area, electrical conductivity, and ease of surface functionalization. Surprisingly, the biomedical potential of this material has remained largely untapped. I will first discuss our research efforts to control nano-/micro-scale properties of np-Au and the application of micropatterning techniques for fabricating high-sensitivity multiple electrode arrays for neural electrophysiology studies. In the context of biocompatibility of such devices, I will illustrate how tunable properties of np-Au may be utilized to alleviate adverse biological response to device coatings. To that end, I will specifically focus on np-Au’s drug delivery performance and its interaction with neural tissue as a function of its geometric features and surface chemistry. In another example, I will illustrate np-Au’s diagnostic potential in detecting and purifying nucleic acid biomarkers in complex biological samples. I will conclude the talk with our ongoing efforts toward constructing high throughput material screening platforms foridentifying optimal material properties for emerging applications of np-Au.

Speaker: Dr. Erkin Şeker, Assoc. Prof., EE Dept., UC Davis, CA

Thursday, 11/02/17


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