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Making Robots Work to Help us Work Remotely

A panel of experts, Leila Takayama, Susan Herring, Dallas Goecker and Victoria Bellotti, will debate the state and future prospects of mobile telepresence robotics. More and more, companies around the world are exploring ways to support and empower employees to work remotely while still “being" and “feeling” present and successful. Despite some big-name companies insisting employees commute physically into work, the imperative is for all companies - not just progressive ones - to do their part to reduce emissions that contribute to global warming, and to provide flexible working arrangements to attract highly skilled employees, motivate existing talented workers, and enable long-distance collaboration.

Far from teetering on the trough of disillusionment on Gartner’s hype cycle, mobile telepresence is set to take off because of the intersection of sophisticated robotics and audio-video systems that allow for more immersive presence, combined with the benefits of flexible working arrangements. Modern robots make it possible for users to have a physical and socially salient presence at a remote workplace. Moreover they help people manage travel restrictions, allow people with disabilities and health challenges to overcome obstacles, enable rapid teleporting from place to place, save on employee travel and commuting costs, and much more. And, excitingly, innovation in the field of robotics is still only nascent, and researchers around the world are improving robots for mobile telepresence and many other practical applications. Our panel of experts are excited to share personal experiences and discuss insights in the field of robotics and mobile telepresence.

Thursday, 10/19/17


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