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Cloud Native Micro Services for Systems and Applications

Prem Sankar Gopannam

Current systems and application professionals have been using DevOps  and CI/CD as a process to build, deploy  and manage life cycle of applications. With the advent of micro-services, the push towards container pools and virtualization, the form factor granularity for infrastructure resources are optimized based on workload and time of day, location and security concerns. Thus emerges a new drive for Cloud Native Architecture for Applications " a drive for the usage of  micro-services and adding composeable software and hardware to deliver it . The downside is that it is difficult, time-consuming, and expensive to find this skill-set and professionals who can deliver in the dynamically evolving ecosystem. Therefore, it is necessary and beneficial to implement DevOps, CI/CD development, and pre-production testing along side rapid and agile prototyping, using cloud native validations for the newly written applications for consumers. In this talk, the speaker will introduce the first micro-services as a way breakdown the work structure of applications and systems testing to quickly and easily identify functional, performance, self-healing security vulnerabilities, and service assurance in their development stage. The tools that are required and teams that can re-factor existing code or write new codes to reach acceptable service is key for success of new generation applications for Smart City, Vertical and Horizontal Decision Support cloud-native systems & applications.

Speaker: Prem Sankar Gopannam, Ericsson USA

Tuesday, 10/17/17


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