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November LASER Event - San Francisco

  • 7:00-7:25: Jeff Johnson (USF/ Computer Science) on "Designing Technology for an Aging Population"Designers and developers need to design digital products and online services that are accessible to a large and growing segment of the population...Read more
  • 7:25-7:50: Peter Maravelis(City Lights) on "Schizo-curation: Transcending the boundaries of spectatorship"Schizo-curation explores the development of cultural programs that communicate core ideas from avante-garde currents...Read more
  • 7:50-8:10: BREAK. Before or after the break, anyone in the audience currently working within the intersections of art and science will have 30 seconds to share their work. Please present your work as a teaser so that those who are interested can seek you out during social time following the event.
  • 8:10-8:35: Stephanie Brown(USF/ Museum Studies) on "Authenticity, apples, and the art market: The mystery of 1939.34.3"What does it mean for a work of art to be considered a forgery, and what does the idea of authenticity in art imply?...Read more
  • 8:35-9:00: Damian Madray(The Glint) on "Evolution of Design with Culture Thinking"Abstract forthcoming...Read more

Room: Cowell 313


Tuesday, 11/14/17


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LASER Leonardo Art Science Evening Rendezvous

Univ of San Francisco
2130 Fulton St
San Francisco, CA 94117