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Taste of Science: Vaccines and Artificial Brain

How did we learn to walk?

You have over 640 muscles and only 1 brain to control them. Have you ever wondered how you orchestrate this complicated system with such great precision?

It's difficult to decompose a brain to single neurons to understand how it works. Instead, we designed a "simplified human" and build Artificial Intelligence to control it, or, in other words, we built an artificial brain.

Speaker: Lukasz Kidzinski, Stanford

A Shot In The Dark (the history and future of vaccines)

Infectious disease has taken a huge toll on humanity for our entire existence. In one of the great examples where together we are more than the sum of our parts, protective vaccination campaigns that developed “Community Immunity” to vicious microscopic bugs have all but allowed us to forget some of the most deadly diseases that once plagued mankind. From the early vaccines against Smallpox and Rabies to modern vaccines design strategies against HIV, Ebola, and ZIKA, we will discuss how vaccine work and the current controversy surrounding them.

Speaker: Michal Caspi Tal, Stanford



Wednesday, 11/29/17


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