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AI in the Clouds: Data, ML and AI in the new world of software in the Cloud

In the recent years we have seen how Data Science, Machine Learning, and AI, in general, have been influencing and rewriting the rules in everything from commerce to healthcare to finance. Additionally, deploying to the cloud and has opened new opportunities for collecting and using data. We have quickly moved from using data for reporting to prediction to prescription to assisting rewrite the programs that generate the data in the first place. Bots rewriting themselves have got attention for both new productivity opportunities and fear of robot domination. Bootstrapping and program generation are well known in the programming language and compiler community. Traditionally these were done using rule based systems. With massive data on code and coder behavior and interactions, and processing power to create intelligence from this,  one can envision new AI that blurs the distance between data and code and code development process. Combining interaction data with program and deployment data i In this talk we will discuss topics related to robotification of various aspects of software development, compiler systems, software processes for code review, deployment etc. through use of data and AI.

Speaker: Neel Sundaresan, Microsoft

Monday, 01/22/18


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3601 Juliette Ln
SC9 Auditorium
Santa Clara, CA 95054